Wholesale&Reseller prices

Simple way to get Wholesale prices and Reseller prices

* For all Buyers the minimum order is
6 yards (can be mixed fabrics) to qualify for the Wholesale prices. 12 yards (can be mixed fabrics) to qualify for the Reseller prices.

* Once the order is completed with total 6 yards or 12 yards the Retail Price will be automatically change to the Wholesale or Reseller Price.

* For example:

   If you order 2 yards of item A and 2 yards of item B and 2 Yards of Item C, then you will get the wholesale price. Same as the reseller price, the yards amount can be mixed fabrics which you choice from our website.


* For those customers who want to run a small business such as sell our items online such as Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Etc. You may Join our Drop Shipping Customer.

Then you will get our wholesale price with no minimum.


* If you are looking for Drop Shipping Service Please
Here For more information about How to become our
Drop Shipping Membership

* Feel free to contact us with any questions.

E-mail: 43002365@qq.com

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